Our Story

Timeless Veterinary Systems is a specialized tech company located on a small island, made up of a small team with with big ideas. We believe in challenging the status quo to develop technologies that raise the bar for veterinary patient care.

A few years ago we started our search for the best and brightest team of veterinary experts we could find to work on a top-secret project. Well we found them, and Drs. Etienne Cote, Stephen Ettinger, and Wayne Schwark joined the Timeless Team to create a mobile drug formulary application that would turn a veterinarian's most used resource into an extremely intuitive, speedy and reliable clinical tool.

Vet Drug Index is a full collaborative effort that required thousands of hours of work, careful consideration and meticulous attention to detail to deliver you the quality you expect and deserve. We hope you enjoy.

Welcome to Timeless!

Meet the Timeless Veterinary Team

At Timeless we believe our work can truly make a difference in the lives of all veterinary professionals by delivering the type of high quality technology that you deserve.

John Rowe


Luke Docksteader

Lead Software Engineer

John O'Neill

Software Developer

Brad Pineau

Chief Technology Officer


Chief Canine Officer

Eric Roberts

Project Manager

Jordan Rose

Software Developer

Norm Bryenton

Director of Sales & Marketing