Here's what our customers are saying

When asked, 99% of our users say they would recommend the Timeless Vet Drug Index.

"I had a dog come in cyanotic in congestive heart failure with pulmonary edema. Your app saved his life. I followed the instructions to calm the dog with torbugesic and used the dosage recommendations for furosemide with great lifesaving results. I didn't have to look for a book that someone might have misplaced in the clinic--it was right there on my smartphone. Quick access when I needed it in an emergency."

Dr. Eugene Rivers

"As a 4th year veterinary student this app has really helped in a pinch and aided in my understanding of the drugs that I use."

Robert Martinez

"The only reason I carry my phone at work is for your app."

Dr. Jolene Kern

"This app is awesome!"

Tzushan Yang

"Knowledge in my pocket. Can find most appropriate drug for a need then calculate dose all without leaving patient to go find the " book". Have found I use the formulary multiple times daily even with familiar drugs just to be sure have best dosing for indication. And next year I don't have to buy another book, just re- subscribe. Ain't technology wonderful!"

Dr. Tim Colbert

"I think your product is brilliant."

Dr. Tamara Jones